Career Goals

My background has prepared me to become a experienced and knowledgeable applicant for any career in the accounting field. I grew up in a family of accountants, where both of my parents have majored and worked as an accountant.

I was taught by my father at a young age on how to analyze and examine account documents of his company.  This helped me gain interest as well as knowledge in the auditing and business world. Due to this, I spent my time in high school taking various accounting classes inside and outside of school. I was inspired by my father, as well as the enjoyment I had with accounting, that made me want to major in accountant. My goal is to be able to work as an Internal Auditor for one of the big 4 accounting firms. Which are, Ernst & Young, PWC, KPMG and Deloitte.

I graduated from high school in 2012, and started college in Taylor’s University, which is a college in Malaysia. By the year 2015, I transferred to The Ohio State University, because the job opportunity in Malaysia were very slim and I wanted to increase my knowledge of accounting by learning in a different environment.

In my time in Ohio State, I managed to learn vast amount of business subjects that not only deals with accounting. Such as, BUSMGT 2320 (Decision Sciences: Statistical Techniques), BUSFIN 3220 (Fundamental of Corporate Finance), and many more. This helped me increase my knowledge in business skills and also helped prepare me to become a better candidate for future jobs. During the summer of 2015, because of credentials and knowledge I acquired, I was able to intern in AIA. I was placed in a project to review hospitals and organize a way to improve our prices for health care benefit, so that it would be more affordable. With this project, the team and I set out on a plan to not only cut down prices, but to also maximize profit within the company.

I was able to use and increase my critical thinking when I took part in the Taylor’s Forex Challenge. I was able to study and develop knowledge of the currency market through buying and selling currency from different countries. I won the Forex Challenge with 365% revenue made. This helped me not only in my critical thinking, but also increase my passion for business.

I was admitted into the Fisher College of Business in November 2015. In U.S News and World Report 2015, Fisher College ranks 8th among public universities and Accounting program ranks 10th. The Office of Career Management is really helpful. I would like to use these advantages, my education and training to achieve success in this field by getting more internship opportunities to practice and improve skills and finding my expected job. I would develop my accounting skills by learning harder and look for internship at the same time. It can help me build good relationships with my colleagues in the future.

Future Plans

  • Internship                2016 Summer (KPMG)
  • Internship                2017 Summer
  • Graduation               2017 Fall
  • Search for Jobs        2017 Spring/Fall
  • Complete CPA         2018

My extensive background as well as knowledge in Auditing and Finance makes me a good candidate for any accounting position.