About Me

My name is Ryan Toh and I’m am a Junior currently majoring in accounting at The Ohio State University. I’m an American raised in Malaysia. I started my time in college back in 2013 at Taylor’s University. I transferred to The Ohio State University in 2015. I am currently in Fisher College of Business and I’m expecting to graduate by Fall 2017. The purpose of this website is to showcase my portfolio which shows my experience and achievements thus far as well as my future plans.

This portfolio shows that I am an experienced and knowledgeable applicant for any career in the accounting field. My resume can be found under the “Resume” tab. My career goals and future plans can be found under the “Career Goals” tab. I’ve also provided my sample projects that I have completed so far in The Ohio State University, which can be found under the “Project” tab.

I was one of head’s of the Forex Club back in Malaysia. I was responsible for organizing an event where people can participate and learn about trading currency. Together we managed to set out and plan what currency were worth buying and how do we know when to sell these currency. With this Club, we managed to get over 200 members and teach them about the market.

During summer 2015, I’ve also intern in AIA, I was placed in a project to review hospitals and organize a way to improve our prices for health care benefit, so that it would be more affordable. With this project, the team and I set out on a plan to not only cut down prices, but to also maximize profit within the company.

My extensive background as well as knowledge in Auditing and Finance makes me a good candidate for any accounting position. If you have any questions, my contact can be found under the “Contact” tab.